Vehicle Integration

Lately as technology progresses, dashboards have become more and more integrated with the interior, and gone are the days of cutting a big hole in the dash and plonking in a new system, that doesn’t fit the feel and flow of the factory appearance.

We offer many solutions such as fitting kits, vehicle specific designed units, advanced interfacing modules and controllers to fully modernise your multimedia Hub while retaining all original controls, features, quality, and most importantly look and feel!

In doing this we are able to seamlessly integrated excellent features including:

  • GPS Navigation and traffic warnings
  • Bluetooth handsfree
  • Voice Control
  • IpodĀ integration and USB connections
  • DAB + radio
  • internet radio, Spotify and pandora
  • Parking aids
  • Digital TV tuner
  • speed camera notifications
  • cruise control
  • email, internet or app based applications
  • vehicle tracking and security systems