Druery Car Stereo stocks the trusted brands to provide to our clients and UHF radio enthusiasts. With highest-quality components, our UHF radios have long-lasting batteries and work under the toughest conditions.

UHF radios are useful when travelling to keep in touch. When you’re travelling with a group, whether with family or friends, it can be difficult to stay in touch when you’re in a remote region with little mobile reception.

There may be times where the group splits up and a UHF radio then  also becomes a great way to stay in touch without mobile phones.

For example, if your group is travelling in 2 different vehicles, or if you’re camping and some members stay at the camp site while others go fishing, or if you’re 4-wheel driving in a convoy.

With Druery Car Stereo’s range of UHF radios, it’s easy to stay in touch, whatever your leisure activity. Contact our friendly team or visit our showroom and our experts will help you with a UHF radio so suit your needs.