Alpine R-190309 R-A75M R-Series Mono Amplifier & R-W12D4 R-Series 12″ Subwoofer Bundle

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R-Series 12″ Subwoofer System – The R-W12D4 has gained significant engineering refinements that substantially improve the sonic performance to your system.

Experience hard hitting bass for hours on end without distortion with the R-Series subwoofer system. The R-W12D4 is efficiently powered by the R-Series Hi-Res Audio certified mono amplifier that redefines the industry benchmark in sound performance delivering true high-resolution sound reproduction.

Moreover, their all-new digital design provides huge amounts of power output and an extraordinary damping factor making these amplifiers class-leading in every way.


R-A75M R-Series Mono Amplifier

With its all-new and exclusive fully digital design delivers huge amounts of power output with an extraordinary damping factor which makes this mono amplifier class-leading in every way. The R-Series R-A75M delivers unrivalled powerful bass, big dynamic sound, non-shutdown performance and easy vertical or horizontal installation.

R-W12D4 R-Series 12″ Subwoofer

Beyond their modest aesthetic upgrades, Alpine’s efforts were concentrated on re-engineering the motor and circuit design, crafting a performance sub that offers exceptional sound and resolution, well-exceeding their peers. Painstaking engineering, coupled with decades of expertise in high-end audio design, Alpine’s all-new R-Series continues its unrivalled reputation in benchmark performance and sound quality.