Alpine PWE-190408 Bundle KTP-455U Power Pack / R-Series Front & Rear Speakers & PWE-S8 8″ Compact Subwoofer

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Alpine Compact Sound System – Add premium sound quality in your vehicle while still saving space with Alpine’s compact sound system.

Including the R-Series front and rear speakers, you can achieve a clean crisp sound while the PWE-S8 adds thunderous bass with easy and compact installation under seats or in the boot.

All of this is powered by the efficient KTP-445U power pack.


KTP-445U Power Pack

The KTP-445U Universal Power Pack amplifies the head unit power output, resulting in up to a 150% power increase over the original power from the head unit’s built-in amplifier. Add higher output and more dynamic response with this easy-to-install head unit power upgrade.

R-S65C.2 R-Series 6-1/2″ Component 2-Way Speaker

Experience pure Hi-Resolution audio with the all-new R-Series. These audiophile-grade speakers are engineered with patented materials and significant advances that substantially increases sonic performance beyond their predecessors and nearest rival. The result is incredible clarity and linearity across the extended high-resolution bandwidth right into the 45kHz.

R-S65.2 R-Series 6-1/2″ Coaxial 2-Way Speaker

You can now appreciate a higher sampling rate than in CD’s for the encoding and playback of music, it brings your favourite tracks to life with extreme clarity. Alpine’s painstaking engineering has delivered faithful audio reproduction from high-resolution sound sources and recordings at 96kHz/24Bit or greater, they are optimised for high definition playback and breathtaking performance.

PWE-S8 8″ Performance Quad-Coil Subwoofer System

The stylish all-new PWE-S8 lets you add deep, accurate bass to your system without taking up any valuable space in your car. Despite its ultra-compact size coming in at 340mm wide, 230mm tall and just 75mm deep, the high-excursion 8-inch subwoofer gives a strong 120W RMS of bass output. This compact subwoofer is designed to work well virtually anywhere in a vehicle, even under a seat. Plus, it’s cast metal construction makes it ultra-durable without sacrificing any performance. Moreover, you’ll also find an input for a wired remote that lets you adjust your bass level easily from the driver’s seat.

The side panel offers easy access to RCA and auto-sensing speaker inputs. The side panel also gives access to Phase, Gain, LP Crossover and Remote Sub Level controls for greater flexibility during installation.