iRoad A4 Full HD Front Camera - 16GB

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IROAD A4 1-CH Dash Camera with Powerful Hardware

1CH – 1080p@30fps FHD / Wi-Fi function
Prevent Battery Discharge / Format Free (Auto recovery system)
The minimum electricity consumption (1.3W)


Powerful Hardware, Stable high FHD quality

CMOS Image Sensors allow constant front Full 1080p HD resolution recording during
both daytime and nighttime along with a 142-degree wide-angle lens view.
This will minimize blind spots to assure recording of all events without fail.


IROAD A4 is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi for simultaneous connection to your Smartphone or Tablet. Manage your dashcam with the dedicated IROAD app, view the video in real-time and download or delete videos on your Smartphone.


Motion Detection and Parking Mode

Parking mode allows the A4 to run 24 hours a day even when parked.

Advanced parking mode allows the camera to detect the ignition being switched on/off, adjusting the recording modes accurately.

After entering into parking mode, if an event occurs while you are away from the vehicle, there will be voice guidance upon your return. “An event occurred during parking.”

Battery Discharge Prevention Function

For the purpose of battery protection, the A4 detects and cuts off power when the voltage drops below a certain point. Once initiated, the recording is stopped and power is turned off. The motion detection function is effective for saving battery.

Stable, All-New Concept File Format

JDR format, the next-generation format system after AVI and MP4 format, is applied to improve the security of saved data.

JDR format does not require deleting and reformatting of the memory card.

An automatic rebooting function that IROAD provides and guarantees the safety of the device and it’s saved contents.


Continuous Recording Mode

When the car engine is started, the device is automatically activated. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism.

Impact Recording Mode

During parking or driving, when an impact is detected within the vehicle, it will automatically start an event recording.

Motion Recording

During parking or driving, when a motion is detected within the vehicle, it will automatically start an event recording.