Alpine W-10S4 10-Inch Bass Subwoofer

Alpine W-10S4 10-Inch Bass Subwoofer

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Building on Alpine’s long heritage in subwoofer engineering, Alpine created a subwoofer line that could spread the passion for deep, hard-hitting bass.

BassLine subwoofers use a polypropylene and mica damped cone assembly to keep the cone stiff and light for great sounding bass tones, whilst the high-excursion polyfoam surround provides high output bass.

BassLine subwoofers make a statement with their bold new look, and are known for their reliability, small size and big power output.

  • 10″ 4ohm
  • 750W Peak Power
  • 250W RMS
  • Frequency Response: 24Hz – 200Hz
  • Mounting Dimensions: 269mm diameter x 141mm depth