Alpine VES1G3-702D VE Series 1 Generation 3 with ILX-702D

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  • Colour Matched Fascia - Premium OEM-Grade
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
  • 7” Diagonal Touchscreen Display
  • Touch Screen Shortcuts (Home, Sports and Hazard)
  • Retains factory centre info display.
  • Retains factory rear DVD integration (if vehicle equipped with RSE)
  • “Blackout” Screen off feature.
  • Automatic Climate Zone Detection (detects both single and dual so no need to order specific)
  • Animated Touch User Interface
  • Upgrades basic single zone (Series 1 only, single-zone A/C only) from A/C to
  • Automatic Climate Control*
  • Changeable HVAC interface colour schemes -3 Pre-set UI Colours Functional, Luxury. Sports + Custom colour wheel for infinite options
  • Vehicle Build Info, model, variation, VIN, engine details etc
  • Vehicle Health Info: Battery (%), Battery (V), Oil Pressure
  • Dynamic Sports Display [Speed (KM/H), RPM, Gear Status (AT only), Clutch Dial (MT only), Steering Angle, Oil Temperature (Series 1 only), Acceleration (%), Brake (%), Lap Timer with split time function, and Shift Light]

    *Temperature sensor provided for installation