Alpine PXE-X09 High-resolution Wireless Digital Sound Processor

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  • Hi-Res certification. Meeting and surpassing the very stringent Hi Res standards and technical specifications from the independent Hi Res industry group.
  • Flexible 16 channel input and 16 channel output to configure any level of system using either Alpine, aftermarket or factory head unit.
  • 10 band parametric EQ for each input to flatten the input curve (especially important when integrating a factory head-unit) 31 bands on outputs
  • 6 to 48dB/Octave crossover slope adjustment
  • Quick set-up Wizard – Identifies the components in the factory system, tell it your target aftermarket system and it will auto configure and sum the appropriate channels.
  • Both PC (wired USB) and Smartphone via Bluetooth real time set up and configuration. You can even select the “before” and “after” to analyse the changes.
  • Active crossover increments right down to 1 Hz and time correction down to 0.01ms per channel
  • LCD RUX style controller for quick adjustment included.
  • Direct Bluetooth streaming via module included.
  • Built-in Pink Noise signal generator for set-up.
  • Optical and coaxial digital inputs / analogue inputs / hi=level / low level inputs


Dynamic range: ≥110dB
Signal noise ratio: ≥100dB
Noise floor: ≤32uVrms
Channel separation: ≥110dB
Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.005%
Input voltage High level: 26Vpp; AUX: 8Vpp
Output voltage: 8Vpp
AUX input/output sensitivity: 1:1 (without power amplification)
Frequency response: 20 Hz–20 kHz
System sampling rate: 24 bit/96 kHz
Optical/Coaxial input sampling rate: 28 kHz–216 kHz
Input impedance High level: 240Ω; AUX: 47KΩ
Output impedance: 51Ω
Working voltage: 9-16V
Quiescent current: ≤3mA (power-off state)
Standby power consumption: ≤0.1 W
REM input: High level (IN-1) and ACC optional
REM output: 12 V (0.2 A)
Startup time: 7s
Ambient temperature: -20-60°C
Storage temperature: -40-85°C
Gross weight: 2.34 kg
Dimensions: 246.9 mm × 211.1 mm × 58 mm
Size of the wired controller screen: 14.7 mm × 29.42 mm